Great Britain: 500 centuries of Choral Music

May 29, 2021 - 7:30PM

St. Andrews on the Terrace (30 The Terrace)

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2021 brings about the 5th anniversary for Inspirare! Back in 2016, we had a dream to create a semi-professional choir which would allow singers and audiences to experience music on a new, fresh, and innovative level in Wellington and beyond.

This season, we will be presenting two concerts focused on regions of music. Our first programme will highlight music from Great Britain, dating back from Thomas Tallis in the 16th century to Paul Mealor, William Mathias, and Jonathan Willcocks of the 21st century. The concert will be held at St. Andrews on the Terrace (30 The Terrace) where we sang our first concert in 2016.

The newly refurbished Croft organ will be featured as most pieces will be accompanied by Heather Easting on the organ, as well as the seating will be turned around so the audience can see the organ and choir in the gallery, where the majority of the concert will take place. Heather will also play two organ solos allowing us to further highlight this outstanding instrument.

This is a don’t miss event: not only for the fantastic choral repertoire from Great Britain, but also this refurbished organ being utilised in a grand manner.